Say what you want / Presentation practice

You have five minutes to say whatever you want/need to.If you have a presentation or document to go with it, or if you want to send us a video, email us at and we can discuss your requirements further.Would it be quick and easy to add options and have buttons of 1, 2, 3, and 5 minutes? I appreciate it might take ages regarding the payment systems. If so, don't worry about it (which is why I didn't mention 4 minutes as we don't currently have the pay structure set up for 4, I don't believe)

Prepare for a General English speaking exam

Send your audio

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  1. Record and send us your audio file (max. 5 min).
  2. We will send you an evaluation of your audio.



  • Practise for free - You can record as many times as you like.
  • When you are ready click on ‘send recording’ to pay.
  • A full evaluation of your chosen recording for this activity will cost €25. See an example evaluation!
  • You may record as many times as you like without sending us your recording - we cannot listen to your recording until payment has been made.
  • Please use all of your allocated time wisely.
  • Stop the recording before the maximum limit – or your recording may not save.