BEC Higher (C1)

Cambridge English: Business Higher

The Cambridge English: Business Higher (BEC Higher) qualification demonstrates an advanced level of Business English. The Speaking test has three parts and is taken in pairs. There are also two examiners. However, one of the examiners just listens and takes notes.

Part 1

The interlocutor asks you questions on a number of personal or work-related subjects.

Focus: Giving personal information and expressing opinions.

Duration: 3 minutes.

Our recommended activity


Part 2

In this part, each candidate must give a "mini-presentation" on a business theme from a choice of three topics (A, B or C). There is 1 minute to prepare and 1 minute to speak. After each candidate has spoken the exam will ask a quick question to the other candidate.

  1. Giving information.
  2. Expressing & justifying opinions.

Duration: 6 minutes.

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Part 3

The candidates are given a business-related situation with two discussion points to talk about. The objective is for the candidates to negotiate and reach a decision. The examiner will then extend the discussion.

  1. Turn-taking.
  2. Negotiating.
  3. Collaborating.
  4. Exchanging information.
  5. Expressing & justifying opinions.
  6. Speculating.
  7. Comparing & contrasting.
  8. Agreeing and/or disagreeing.

Duration: 7 minutes.

Our recommended activity

Free speech