CPE (C2)

Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English

The Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) certificate is the highest Cambridge English qualification. It equates to a C2 level on the Common European framework and demonstrates a mastery of English and that the holder of the certificate can use English in demanding research as well as both academic and professional situations.

The Speaking test is taken face to face, with two candidates and two examiners and the total duration of the speaking test is about 15 minutes per pair of students.

Part 1

The examiner asks each candidate some questions about themselves.

Focus: To be able to talk about yourself.

Duration: 2 minutes.

Our recommended activity


Part 2

Candidates presented with pictures and required to answer a question individually about different aspects of the pictures. Then in pairs candidates are given a stimulus and required to reach a mutual decision.

  1. Exchanging ideas, expressing & justifying opinions.
  2. Agreeing & disagreeing.
  3. Suggesting.
  4. Speculating.
  5. Evaluating.
  6. Negiotating.

Duration: 4 minutes.

Our recommended activity

C1/C2 images

Part 3

Candidate must respond to to the stimulus which contains a question and ideas for approx mins. Partner then comments on the topic Examiner asks you both a question on the same topic. Candidate 2 then responds to a question like before and then there is a discussion between both candidates.

Focus: Ability to speak at length on your own, to give and justify opinions and develop ideas.

Duration: 10 minutes (2-minute long turn for each candidate and then approximately 6 minutes for the discussion).