FCE (B2)

First Certificate in English

The First Certificate in English (FCE) is a Cambridge exam that demonstrates an upper intermediate command of the English language and focuses on level B2 of the CEFR framework. There are two variations of the exam that assess the same level:

  • FCE for schools.
  • First for adult learners.

The only difference is that the content is tailored towards school students.

Part 1

The examiner asks the candidate questions about interests, studies, career, hobbies, etc...

  1. Giving information about yourself.
  2. Give opinions on a variety of topics.

Duration: 2 minutes.

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Part 2

This part involves both candidates. Candidate A is given some photographs and is asked to talk for 1 minute about them.

Candidate B is asked to comment on the photos for 30 seconds. Now candidate B repeats the same process with a different photo and talks for a 1 minute without interruption.

  1. To be able to talk at length with no interruption.
  2. To speculate.
  3. To describe.
  4. To compare.
  5. To give opinions.

Duration: 1 minute per candidate.

Part 3

Conversation between candidates. They receive a task from the examiner and must talk together and reach a decision.

  1. Exchanging ideas.
  2. Expressing & justifying.
  3. Agreeing & disagreeing.
  4. Suggesting.
  5. Speculating.
  6. Evaluating.
  7. Negotiating .

Duration: 3 mins in total (2 minutes discussion and 1 minute decision-making task).

Part 4

Examiner guides a paired discussion between both candidates. Topics is based on Part 3.

  1. Expressing and justifying opinions.
  2. Agreeing & disagreeing.