IELTS (A1 to C2)

International English Language Testing System

IELTS is one of the most widely taken examination and offers both a general training exam and an academic exam. You can't fail the exam like other exams but instead receive an overall grade which will tell you what level you are. IELTS is also a requirement when applying for a visa in many countries.

The speaking part of the exam consists of three parts and the exam is 11 to 14 minutes in total.

Part 1

Examiner asks candidate questions on familiar topics.

Focus: Ability to answer questions on personal experiences and general topics using opinions.

Duration: 4-5 minutes.

Our recommended activity


Part 2

Candidate receives card & then must talk about a specific topic for 2 minutes. There is 1 minute preparation time. After the topic the examiner will asks a couple of questions about the topic of the card.

Focus: Ability to present on a topic with limited preparation time. To give a monologue. Ability to use appropriate language and organise ideas clearly.

Duration: 3 minutes.

Our recommended activity

Free speech

Part 3

Candidate is asked questions based on the same topic in part 2.

Focus: Ability to develop ideas using more abstract ideas.

Duration: 4-5 minutes.