PET (B1)

Preliminary Speaking Test

The Preliminary Speaking test, commonly known as PET is a Cambridge exam. It demonstrates an intermediate level of proficiency in the CEFR framework. There are two examinations that can be taken PET for adult learners or for schools. The only difference being content that is school related in the latter.

The speaking test has four parts and is taken with another candidate. There are two examiners, one of whom listens whilst the other talks to the candidates. The total duration of the test is between 11 and 14 minutes per pairs.

Part 1

Examiner asks candidate questions about themselves.

Focus: To be able to give answer questions about past, present and future using relevant tenses.

Duration: 2-3 minutes.

Our recommended activity


Part 2

Candidates are given some pictures. Examiner gives a situation and they have to talk in pairs about what would be the best choice.

  1. Making & responding to suggestions.
  2. Negotiating agreements.

Duration: 2-3 minutes.

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Part 3

Candidate receives a colour photo and must describe and talk about it.

Focus: Ability to describe using modal verbs, present simple and continuous tenses as well as descriptive adjectives.

Duration: 1 minute per photo and 3 minutes in total.

Our recommended activity

B1/B2 images

Part 4

Candidates continue to talk about the topic from the previous part. For example, if the photo was about free time there would be a discussion about free time and hobbies.

Focus: To be able to talk about your likes and dislikes using opinion words and adjectives. To be able to talk in past present and future.

Duration: 4 minutes.